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Sushi Deli

The first "Sushi Deli" outlet was opened within Cold Storage at The CentrePoint as a quick service concept which offers customers an array of "pick-and-choose" Sushi, assorted Sashimi sets, Maki Sets, freshly made on-the-spot Temaki, Onigiri, Inari sushi and an assortment of Salads, Party Platters, and yummy Bento Sets. Sushi Deli's product offerings have since evolved, with regular Research & Development sessions to introduce new products into our Menu.

We use only the freshest possible ingredients in our sushi products, and never compromise on the quality of freshness. All products are made in the outlet within the same business day and displaying the showcase is replenished whenever supplies run low. All unsold products will be disposed of by the end of the business day.

Now, you can expect to enjoy our quality Japanese sushi at the comfort of your home.

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