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The seed for the Jollibean brand was planted in 1995, inspired by a simple goal to make available traditional drinks and snacks typically found in the wet markets in convenient locations like the shopping malls and MRT stations; but repackaged in a fuss-free way for consumers who can also enjoy these comfort food in a more comfortable and modern environment.

The brand name, "Jollibean" is basically coined from 2 words – "Jolli" and "Bean", put simply together as deriving joy from the consumption of soy-based products.

Jollibean aims to spread joy to everyone through their wholesome offerings and charitable activities. Whether you are looking for a tasty, healthy snack or a delicious food & drink with dessert options, Jollibean and its wide range of soy bean products are here to please even the most diverse palates. Our Jolli pancakes, especially the Mee Chiang Kueh filled with generously whipped peanut paste are both comfort food and yummy treats at the same time.

We use only Grade A, non-GMO and single variety IP Canadian soy beans; and our Jolli pancakes are prepared fresh at the start of each day. All unsold food products are discarded or donated to a charitable organization at the end of each day.

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